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List of PS4 cheat codes / offsets found for either PS4Cheater or NetCheatPS4

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PS4 Cheat List changelog

Listing the important news and updates of the site!

[6e825d0] - 2018-06-08


Update and added CHT Files

It’s finally out! 😫

== External addons and optimisations ==

== Final Note ==

With PS4 Cheater out for 5.05, there will be a massive amount of cheats coming out in this month alone! Please bear with me as I will take time to add all what I find one by one.

This project is maintained in my free time,

If you wish to contribute, take a look at -

Donations are welcome at -

PS4 Cheater for 5.05 is out! - 2018-06-05


If you aren’t in the know, ChendoChap released an update for PS4 Cheater on firmware 5.05, 19 hours (as of writing this) ago.

Get it HERE

Join the PS4 Cheater Discord channel HERE

In other news, I’m currently working on detailing the cheat list codes so that pointers and other info are directly reflected on the site instead of a measly, ‘0 ADDRESS’ format. It’s a work in progress, so bear with me!

Feel free to contact me by tagging @Animated2Monkey#2949 on Discord or ask around the PSXHAX forums.


[194253e] - 2018-05-30


Revamped ‘cht’ folder structure